Hard Money Loans in Ohio

Short-term lending for investment properties in Ohio

Fix and Flip Loans

Hard money loan for house flipping, specifically for real estate investors to buy, renovate and resell for a profit.

  • No appraisal
  • Up to 90% LTC
  • Up to 100% rehab financing
  • Up to 75% ARV
  • Close as fast as 2 days

Short Term Bridge Loans

Short-term financing or gap funding used as a bridge to permanent financing or resale at a later date.

  • No appraisal
  • Up to 90% LTC
  • Delay long-term financing
  • Purchase/acquisition
  • Close as fast as 10 days

Cash Out Bridge Loans

Short term cash out refinance to buy another investment property, delay long term financing or access cash.

  • No appraisal
  • Up to 90% LTV
  • Buy another investment property
  • Cash out refinance
  • Close as fast as 10 days

Hard Money Loan Terms

Here are the hard money loan terms for investment properties in Ohio. These are asset based loans, so there is no income verification.

Loan to purchase Up to 90% LTC
Rehab financing Up to 100%
Min loan amount $75,000
Max loan amount $3 Million
Interest rate Start at 9.25%
Credit score Minimum 680
Loan terms 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months

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Hard Money Loan Requirements

These are the minimum requirements for a hard money loan in Ohio.

Minimum Down Payment

The minimum down payment is 10%.

Business Entity Required

Since these are business purpose loans, a legally registered business is required to get approved. If you haven’t already, file for a new LLC with the state of Ohio.

Minimum Documentation

The following documents will be required to get approved for an Ohio hard money loan.

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Hard Money Loan FAQ’s

There are many hard money lending options available. Here are some common questions real estate investors may have.

What credit score is needed for a hard money loan in Ohio?

The minimum credit score for an Ohio hard money loan is 680.

Do hard money loans hurt your credit?

As long as you make your payments on time, they won’t hurt your credit score.

Where to fix and flip with hard money loans in Ohio

Here are the best places to flip a house in Ohio.

  • Columbus
  • Cleveland
  • Cincinnati
  • Toledo
  • Dayton
  • Akron
  • Youngstown

Is Ohio good for house flipping with hard money?

Ohio has many cities where lots of people are moving for jobs, especially in healthcare, education, and technology. This means higher demand for homes, which is ideal for real estate investors. Ohio also has universities and colleges that attract students who need places to live.

Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati have lots of outdated inventory for flippers. In combination with OH’s affordable housing prices, “The Buckeye State” becomes a great place to flip homes.