5 Best Cities in Missouri for House Flipping

This is a complete analysis on the best cities in Missouri for house flipping.

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Learn where the distressed properties are, how long it takes to flip and which cities are the most profitable.

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Best Cities in Missouri to Flip Houses

Here are the 5 best cities in Missouri for fix and flip investors:

  1. Kansas City
  2. St. Louis
  3. Columbia
  4. Springfield
  5. Independence

Kansas City

Kansas City shines as a prime spot for house flippers, ripe with opportunities and potential. With a median sale price of $255,000, witnessing a steady 10.9% increase since last year, it’s a market on the rise. The fact that 71% of homebuyers aim to stay within the city speaks volumes about its allure and desirability.

The influx of people from bustling cities like Los Angeles indicates a growing demand for housing, making it a lucrative market for investors. Kansas City offers exceptional schools, with many ranking impressively high on GreatSchools Rating, making it attractive to families.

What sets this incredible city apart is its fewer new housing projects compared to other cities in the state, offering a plethora of properties ready to flip. The combination of rising prices, high demand, and ample flipping potential make Kansas City an irresistible destination for savvy real estate investors scouring Missouri’s real estate market for profitable potential.

Median days on the market: 36
Median home price: $249,500 (+10.9%)
Housing market data

St. Louis

Flipping houses in St. Louis presents a lucrative opportunity with its seller-friendly real estate market. Homes typically receive two offers and sell within 37 days. With a median sale price of $190,000 and a cost of living 11% below the national average, the city offers affordable entry points for all investors. St. Louis also boasts a 0.7% increase in job opportunities and is expected to continue rising.

What makes St. Louis particularly enticing when it comes to flipping houses in Missouri is the diverse range of investment options available, catering to both seasoned and new investors. This blend of favorable market conditions, affordability, job growth, and cultural allure positions St. Louis as one of the best cities for house flipping in Missouri and seeking profitable ventures in real estate.

Median days on the market: 39
Median home price: $206,000 (+5.1%)
Homes sold above list: 27.4%
Housing market data


As Missouri’s fourth most populous and fastest-growing city, Columbia boasts a thriving economy fueled by continuous growth and diversification. Homebuyers are drawn to the city’s promising prospects. Reflected in the substantial rise in the median sale price, which currently stands at $350,000. An impressive 22.8% increase from the same time last year.

Columbia offers a cost of living that is 9% lower than the national average, enhancing its attractiveness to both residents and investors. The city’s economic stability is anchored by key sectors such as education. For example, the University of Missouri serves as a major employer, alongside healthcare and insurance industries.

Strategically situated between Kansas City and St. Louis, Columbia enjoys the benefits of a convenient location, further bolstering its desirability for prospective homebuyers and investors alike. This, coupled with rising real estate values, makes flipping in Columbia a smart move.

Median days on the market: 31
Median home price: $314,900 (+0.19%)
Housing market data


Within the “Queen City of the Ozarks” sits an array of exciting house-flipping opportunities.  Renowned for its vibrant real estate market, Springfield boasts a harmonious blend of natural beauty, a robust economy, and a welcoming community ambiance.

Over recent years, the city has experienced steady real estate growth. From historic homes nestled in established neighborhoods to more contemporary developments, there are plenty of opportunities for real estate investors. The affordability of Springfield, coupled with its high quality of life, has sparked increased demand for housing.

Springfield’s quick turnaround time allows for efficient investment returns, while the range of properties offers ample opportunities for creative renovation projects. Springfield capitalizes on its flourishing housing market, historic charm, and rapid turnover rate, making it an attractive real estate investment.

Median days on the market: 23
Median home price: $185,000 (+7.2%)
Housing market data


Independence, MO offers lots of potential for flipping houses. With a median sale price of $205,000, marking a notable 17.1% increase since last year, the market demonstrates robust growth potential. Properties in Independence typically spend an average of 45 days on the market, providing a reasonable timeframe for Missouri real estate investors to execute renovation projects and capitalize on the burgeoning demand.

A significant aspect contributing to Independence’s real estate allure is its strong community ties and dedication to supporting local businesses. This community spirit fosters a stable economic environment, further enhancing the appeal of the city for prospective homebuyers and investors alike.

71% of Independence homebuyers express a desire to remain within the metropolitan area. This localized preference ensures sustained demand within the market, reinforcing the attractiveness of beginning a house-flipping journey in Independence.

Median days on the market: 44
Median home price: $196,896 (-0.56%)
Housing market data

Is Missouri a good market to flip houses?

Missouri’s offers a diverse housing stock. Ranging from historic homes to modern developments. Offering many types of investment opportunities. MO has favorable property tax rates, contributing to the desire to flip houses in Missouri. Lower property taxes mean reduced overhead costs, enhancing potential profit margins for investors.

If you’re a new investor and looking to start flipping houses in Missouri, doing the proper market research is incredibly important. While these are the best cities for house flipping in Missouri, working with a investor friendly real estate agent, can help provide valuable insights. Make sure to check median household income, local property taxes, and local real estate market trends in each city before making any final decisions.