11 Best Cities in Florida for House Flipping

This is a complete analysis on the best cities in Florida for house flipping.

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Learn where the distressed properties are, how long it takes to flip and which cities are the most profitable.

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Best Cities in Florida to Flip Houses

Here are the 11 best cities in Florida for fix and flip investors:

  1. Sarasota
  2. St. Petersburg
  3. Tampa
  4. Miami
  5. Orlando
  6. Fort Lauderdale
  7. Jacksonville
  8. Cape Coral
  9. Fort Myers
  10. Naples
  11. Pensacola


With a median home sale price sitting around $545,000, Sarasota is one of the more expensive cities on the list. Considering the high asset prices, it’s very common for real estate investors to seek out fix and flip financing in Sarasota. It’s experiencing very rapid population growth fueled by new construction, politics, public school ratings, overall cost of living, beach life and more.

Sarasota offers a perfect blend of modern, big-city amenities alongside tranquil natural surroundings. This makes it appealing to a diverse demographic of homeowners, snowbirds, and investors nationwide. Its cultural attractions and stunning beaches further enhance its allure. SRQ presents great potential for profitability and is considered one of the best cities for house flipping in Florida.

Sarasota also has the #1 elementary school in the country (Pine View), the best overall elementary public school district in Florida, excellent private schools like ODA, NewGate School, The Classical Academy of Sarasota and is home to the nearby IMG Academy. This provides sustained demand for renovated real estate that higher income households that tend to purchase.

Median days on the market: 38
Median home price: $535,000 (-2.7%)
Homes sold above list: 11.4%
Housing market data


Flipping houses in St. Petersburg, FL is an excellent choice for any real estate investor. Homes for sale in St. Pete attract significant interest, receiving around 4 offers and selling within a brisk 40 days. Especially with a median resale price of $408,000 and strong appreciation trends.

Sellers can expect to achieve impressive sale-to-list price ratios of 96-97%. Considering 70% of local homebuyers tend to stay within the St. Petersburg metropolitan area, this indicates sustained local demand. According to GreatSchools ratings, St. Pete is known for its high-ranking schools. Further enhancing its appeal to families and investors alike.

The St. Pete housing market consistent appreciation not only ensures successful house flipping projects but also offers an alternative for experienced flippers. Many house flippers choose to rent out their investment properties to take advantage of long-term capital gains and pay fewer taxes.

Median days on the market: 40
Median home price: $407,500 (+10.1%)
Homes sold above list: 9%
Housing market data


A thriving economic hub, Tampa is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. The local economy, valued at over $130 billion annually, is supported by four Fortune 500 companies and a flourishing tourism industry.

The robust job market has encouraged a steady population growth. With so much to offer, Tampa presents an incredible market for real estate investors to start flipping houses in Florida. Much of the Florida real estate market is seeing restoration and revitalization, Tampa is no different. Ongoing urban renewal projects and diverse neighborhoods provide ample choices for house flippers seeking profitable ventures.

It also has the largest international airport (TPA) in the Tampa bay area, encouraging snowbirds to fly into Tampa, which further supports the local economy. This major airport attracts more people to move here as opposed to other Florida cities, further contributing to higher home prices.

Median days on the market: 38
Median home price: $393,000 (+1%)
Homes sold above list: 17%
Housing market data


Miami is known worldwide for its exciting nightlife, diverse population, and bustling city center. What’s more, the Miami real estate market is filled with potential for those hoping to start flipping houses in Florida as first time investors.

House flips actually account for 25.6% of the local real estate market, offering ample options for investors. With a plethora of foreclosures available, flippers have a diverse selection of properties to revitalize. The city of Miami has experienced a steady influx of new residents, contributing to its hot housing market.

Miami is home to one of the 10 busiest airports in the country (MIA), it’s a major economic hub, home to many new tech businesses, cryptocurrency industry businesses and is known for attracting international real estate investors. If it wasn’t for the high home prices and remodeling costs, it would be the best for flipping houses and rental income for investors who choose to rent instead of flip.

Median days on the market: 75
Median home price: $599,000 (+13%)
Homes sold above list: 9.6%
Housing market data


Situated in Florida’s coveted “Sun Belt Region,” Orlando boasts a high quality of life and abundant job prospects, drawing in residents and investors alike. Orlando’s population exceeds 2.5 million, driven by a thriving tourism industry and a substantial demographic of young people and students.

The city’s population density, three times higher than the Florida average, highlights the strong demand for housing, ensuring swift turnovers for flippers. Properties typically receive an average of 3 offers and sell within 32 days, reflecting the city’s healthy market activity.

Orlando is home to the busiest airport in Florida (MCO), DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and many other theme parks which attract people from all around the world. This encourages a thirst for rental income, so investors are always looking for move-in ready renovated properties. Obviously, opening many profitable opportunities for those who wish to flip houses in Florida.

Median days on the market: 37
Median home price: $369,000 (+7.6%)
Homes sold above list: 13.9%
Housing market data

Fort Lauderdale

With the perfect blend of economic vibrancy and coastal charm, Fort Lauderdale is obviously one of the best cities for house flipping in Florida. The city boasts a thriving local economy, characterized by a multitude of small businesses that contribute to its buzzing atmosphere. Entrepreneurs are drawn to the iconic beach boardwalk and bustling local markets, creating a diverse and energetic community.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale is a hub of activity, with its lively streets adorned with restaurants, shops, small business offices, and providing ample opportunities for investment and revitalization. Fort Lauderdale has plenty to offer in terms of affordable neighborhoods ripe for flipping, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of Florida flippers.

Fort Lauderdale has a major international airport (FLL) and is in close proximity to Miami. The South Florida real estate market attracts people from all over the world and the two major airports fuel that demand further. Considering that Fort Lauderdale is constantly hit with hurricanes, it makes it an ideal location for house flippers to find distressed properties or abandoned properties, due to a homeowner being underinsured.

Median days on the market: 75
Median home price: $505,000 (-6.5%)
Homes sold above list: 10.5%
Housing market data


Jacksonville’s low supply and high demand may pose initial challenges for entry, but the long-term benefits outweigh the hurdles. Investors can overcome this by getting a Florida hard money loan when flipping properties and capitalize on the city’s robust housing market.

Jacksonville’s allure lies in its beautiful beaches and classic Florida charm. This coveted lifestyle is sought out by residents and out-of-state investors alike. Unlike more tourist-centric areas, Jacksonville maintains its authentic appeal while providing ample opportunities for real estate endeavors.

Jacksonville is home to a great number of family-friendly neighborhoods and an international airport (JAX). The city boasts a diverse educational landscape, with over 300 schools, many of which rank highly on GreatSchools Ratings.

Median days on the market: 64
Median home price: $290,000 (+3.2%)
Homes sold above list: 14.2%
Housing market data

Cape Coral

The potential for house flipping in Cape Coral, FL is considerable, owing to its prime location near the Gulf of Mexico and reputation as one of the more expensive real estate markets in Florida. Cape Coral’s population and employment opportunities are expected to continue growing over the next few decades, further bolstering its real estate market.

As one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, Cape Coral presents a fertile ground for Florida fix and flip projects. Its coveted waterfront lifestyle adds to its appeal, attracting buyers seeking a premium living experience.

Cape Coral is ripe for profitable house flipping projects, new construction projects and rental properties. It’s close proximity to Fort Myers and the rest of South Florida makes it an ideal location for investors. This city tends to attract boat lovers, yacht owners, high income earners and many people from the midwest.

Many home builders are rebuilding and improving many parts of Cape Coral, further improving the local market value of any given home. Tropical storms and major hurricanes like Hurricane Ian provide a steady supply of distressed housing that’s ideal for house flippers.

Median days on the market: 62
Median home price: $410,000 (+2.5%)
Homes sold above list: 8%
Housing market data

Fort Myers

Set amidst a backdrop of cultural richness and a relaxed lifestyle, Fort Myers can offer an abundance of attractions and cultural activities year-round. This caters to the diverse interests of the city’s residents. It’s also home to an international airport (RSW), which attracts many investors to buy short term rentals, further supporting the house flipping real estate business.

Fort Myers also gets its fair share of hurricanes like Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Charley. Since many Florida home buyers underinsure their properties to save on home insurance, this results in many abandoned properties over time. While a tragedy for some, it’s indirectly benefits those who get into flipping houses in Florida.

Median days on the market: 50
Median home price: $375,000 (+1.9%)
Homes sold above list: 7.1%
Housing market data


Naples is a highly developed area and one of the most expensive beach towns in Florida. Renowned for its pristine beaches and bohemian vibe, Naples attracts discerning buyers seeking the quintessential Florida lifestyle and proves a popular destination for fix and flip properties.

With the 6th highest per capita income in the U.S., Naples attracts affluent buyers and investors, driving demand for high-quality properties. Fix and flips account for 18.5% of all the real estate sales in the city, indicating a thriving market for real estate investments. The median sale price of $786,000 reflects the city’s high-value properties, promising substantial returns for investors.

This brilliant Florida city provides the perfect landscape for experienced investors who have access to private money, allowing them to leverage the city’s desirable location and affluent market. Naples, FL is the ideal blend of coastal allure and financial opportunity.

Median days on the market: 50
Median home price: $785,500 (+4.7%)
Homes sold above list: 4%
Housing market data


There are many reasons to choose Pensacola, FL as your entry point into the realm of real estate investments. The city boasts a low unemployment rate and a growing population, indicating a strong demand for housing. Pensacola’s steady median home values showcases its stability and investment potential.

The city offers affordable housing options for both new investors and residents. With 60% of Pensacola home buyers seeking to stay within the metropolitan area, there is a consistent local demand for properties. Notably, many out-of-state home buyers, particularly from Atlanta, GA, are drawn to Pensacola.

Making it a popular destination for vacation or second homes. This influx of buyers contributes to the city’s robust real estate activity. Considering Pensacola’s popularity for spring breakers, it also offers a steady supply of housing that’s in need of renovation.

Median days on the market: 75
Median home price: $290,000 (-3.3%)
Homes sold above list: 7%
Housing market data

Is Florida a good market to flip houses?

Florida’s got a lot going for it. With its sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, and vibrant lifestyle, it’s no wonder people flock here. That high demand for housing creates some pretty sweet opportunities for investors looking to flip properties.

Now, Florida isn’t just one market—there are hundreds of neighborhoods catering to myriad lifestyles. Whether you’re into the urban vibes of Miami, the family-friendly neighborhoods of Orlando, or the laid-back coastal charm of places like Naples or Sarasota, you’ve got options.

Florida’s population has been on the rise. People move here for all sorts of reasons including jobs, retirement, politics and good schools. That means more people who are in need of homes, which is music to a flipper’s ears.

Florida is a vacation hotspot, which translates to a demand for short-term rentals. Flipping a property into a vacation rental could mean some serious rental income during peak seasons. With the right strategy and a bit of elbow grease, you could generate cash flow while enjoying all that the Sunshine State has to offer.

Florida property values have been appreciating steadily over time. That means if you can find a property at the right price, and fix it up nicely, you could be looking at a fantastic return on investment when it’s time to sell. If you don’t have your own money to finance a fix and flip in Florida, consider getting a hard money loan.