Best Cities for Investing in Georgia Real Estate

This is a complete analysis on the best cities for real estate investing in Georgia.

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Learn where to buy the most profitable investment properties, short term rentals and flip homes.

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Best Cities in Georgia for Investing

Here are the 5 best cities for real estate investing in Georgia:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Savannah
  3. Augusta
  4. Columbus
  5. Macon


With a population just shy of 500,000 people, Atlanta’s rental market is as hot as ever. Approximately 50% of the households in the city are renter-occupied and apartment buildings are seeing all time high demand.

There are several key factors that are attracting real estate investors, including the healthy job market, steady population growth, and strong rental markets. The National Association of Realtors found that Atlanta was the only city, out of the 179 surveyed, that hit all 10 economic indicators for a successful real estate market.

These areas include affordable housing, employment conditions and population growth, all which points to a continued positive forecast for rental property investors. Atlanta experiences stable home value appreciation and a median rent of $2,100 a month. Both contributing to a steady rental income and sound investment.

1 bedroom rent: $1,791 (-8% YoY)
Median days on the market: 43
Median home price: $410,000 (+6.5%)
Homes sold above list: 17%
Rental market data | Housing market data


Savannah is home to both Savannah State University and the Savannah College of Art and Design. As well as 8 other public and private universities, which provides a real estate investment opportunity for buyers looking to target the student rental markets. College towns generally guarantee a steady flow rental income.
However, this coastal Georgia city is also an attractive destination for tourists. One that specifically welcomes nearly 15 million visitors a year. This trend is further fueled by Savannah’s appeal as a cultural and historical hub, attracting a steady stream of tourists and new residents alike.

Seeing significant growth in terms of population, as well as being hailed an “economic star” have contributed to Savannah’s competitive market. Limited housing inventory keeps property values up. A rental investment property in Savannah captures between $1,600 to $2,000 as an average rent price.

1 bedroom rent: $1,699 (+1% YoY)
Median days on the market: 40
Median home price: $337,772 (+18.5%)
Homes sold above list: 22%
Rental market data | Housing market data


Rumor has it that Augusta rental property owners can pay off their mortgages simply by renting their properties during Masters week. The Masters Tournament, held annually at Augusta National Golf Club, draws a large influx of visitors, creating a substantial demand for accommodations.
Whether or not that is true, there is no doubt that the rental income potential is significant during this high-profile event. While the notion of paying off a mortgage in one week might be an exaggeration for most, the financial impact of this event on local rental property owners is undeniably positive.

Outside of Masters week, Augusta remains a great location for affordable real estate investments. Augusta’s cost of living is relatively low compared to the national average, making it an attractive option for both renters and real estate investors. Efforts to revitalize downtown areas, improve infrastructure, and enhance public amenities are contributing to a growing population and continued property appreciation.

1 bedroom rent: $1,026 (+1% YoY)
Median days on the market: 46
Median home price: $199,250 (-0.33%)
Homes sold above list: 24%
Rental market data | Housing market data


Columbus presents an attractive market for rental property investments thanks to the city’s diverse economy. Being home to Columbus State and Fort Benning have contributed to education, healthcare, and defense.

There is steady population growth and high demand for rental properties. Affordable housing and strong rental demand have investors interested in Columbus more than ever. Low cost real estate and reasonable rental prices equal a healthy return on investment.

1 bedroom rent: $976 (+8% YoY)
Median days on the market: 43
Median home price: $265,00 (+6%)
Homes sold above list: 33.3%
Rental market data | Housing market data


Heading south of Atlanta, Macon is drawing in investors interested in quality housing at attractive prices. The median home price in Macon, GA is roughly 30% lower than the national average, while median rent prices are roughly $1,200 a month. Majority of the rental properties are single family homes. However, large-scale real estate investors can find apartment buildings throughout the city as well.

Due to recent investments by the city, Macon is growing in popularity for travel and tourism. Which promotes an attractive market for vacation rental property investors. Another reason real estate investors may want to consider short term rentals is because it’s surrounded by Ocmulgee Mounds National Park.

1 bedroom rent: $1,273 (+8% YoY)
Median days on the market: 46
Median home price: $195,000 (+19.7%)
Homes sold above list: 11.4%
Rental market data | Housing market data

Is Georgia good for real estate investing?

Georgia is a thriving state that boasts a rich history and bright future with the past few years confirming the continual growth the state is projected to experience.

Real estate investors understand that there are many factors that come into play when determining an ideal location for a rental property. From the economy to state taxes, many considerations will have influence over their decision to buy an investment property in the area.

Georgia, fondly referred to as the “Peach State”, is a great place for rental property investors thanks to its steady population growth, robust economy, and job opportunities. In fact, Area Development Magazine has ranked Georgia as #1 for business for 7 years in a row, while 90% of Fortune 500 companies have operations in Georgia.

5 Best Cities in Georgia to Fix and Flip Properties

Real estate investors looking for a fixer-upper will want to consider the following:


Atlanta’s real estate market provides ample opportunity for investment properties in need of some TLC. Throughout the thriving city, investors can find both urban and suburban fix and flip homes. With no end in sight in terms of high demand for housing, the Atlanta housing market is an excellent choice for investors.


Augusta is one of the best cities in Georgia for flipping homes due to its affordable housing, robust rental market, and potential for economic growth. The city offers many opportunities for property renovation and is growing in both population and home values. However, the entry level home prices make August excellent for new investors looking to flip homes.


Rising home values and steady population growth makes Savannah an excellent city that offers more than just southern charm.


Columbus is affordable compared to larger cities and has a stable and growing economy. Real estate data shows Columbus homes get taken off the market fast.


Being one of Georgia’s university towns ensures that there is a steady need for rental housing. There is also a consistently growing population (approximately 1.9% annually) and a healthy real estate market offering a number of “flip ready” homes.

5 Best Cities in Georgia for Rental Properties

For investors interested in buying a rental property in Georgia, these cities offer the most potential for rental income.


Once again Georgia’s major cities top the list for best places to invest in rental properties. The population growth and thriving economy keep housing needs at an all time high. Rental income potential isn’t restricted to residential real estate investors as the city also boasts a strong real estate market for commercial investors.


Augusta rental property investors can capitalize on the popularity of the Masters. Choosing to Airbnb their homes to the thousands of golf enthusiasts who visit annually.


Drawn in by the city’s rich history, Savannah welcomes millions of visitors annually. In terms of short term rentals, this is the place to be! Arguably one of the country’s most beautiful cities, there is no end in sight for the high demand for short term rentals.


A suburb of Atlanta, Panthersville’s convenient location is the draw for rental property investors. Just a stone’s throw from Georgia state university, Panthersville’s rental market caters to faculty, staff and students.

Sandy Springs

North of Atlanta and east of Marietta, Sandy Springs can be a lucrative investment location. Despite having one of the higher markets in Georgia, investors that can afford to purchase in the city are likely to see impressive ROIs.

With low crime rates and proximity to downtown Atlanta, it’s an ideal place to buy a rental property. It also has an expanding economy with a 2.9% job growth rate, surpassing the national average.

Tips for investing in Georgia Real Estate

Here are a few great real estate investing tips if you’re considering investing in Georgia real estate.

Create a Plan

The first step in any profitable real estate investment is to understand what your goals are.

Decide on the type of investment property

  1. Long term rental property
  2. Short term vacation rental
  3. Fix and flip

Decide on the property type

  1. Single family home
  2. Townhouse
  3. Condo

Decide on how the type of financing

  1. Rental property loan
  2. Fix and flip financing
  3. Paying cash

Know the Market

Study the real estate market in Georgia and analyze what a good deal is. This will ensure your investment property yields the highest return on investment.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

No one knows the Georgia real estate market like a local real estate agent. Which is why working with a professional to navigate Georgia’s real estate market is a no-brainer. Since they work with investors and regular homebuyers, they handle a higher volume of transactions, therefore they can better filter what is a good deal and what is not.


While these are the best cities for investing in Georgia, it doesn’t mean you won’t find great deals elsewhere. Many other cities in GA have lots of distressed properties to fix and flip or rent out. If you’re interested in buying a property and need a 30 year rental loan or fix and flip financing, contact us to get started.

Data updated February 16, 2024